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Families are required to pay a $250 refundable volunteer deposit at the beginning of the fall season. Families will be refunded/credited this fee upon completion of 10 volunteer hours. Keep in mind 5 volunteer hours can be completed with team responsibilities such as running the clock for games and score-keeping and 5 hours then need to be completed by volunteering for a club sponsored event such as conditioning, dinner dance, try-outs, BHC tournament score keeping, etc.

If you have questions, please send them to volunteer@chicagobruinshockey.com.

Once a family has completed their 10 hours, they should send an email to their team manager and include the following: Player name/parent name, team, event worked, #of hours worked.  For example: Andrew Riley, Milissa Riley, midget NWHL, dinner dance 3 hours, try outs 2 hours, scorekeeping 5 hours.

  • Each family is required to volunteer at least 10 hours of volunteer time to the club in order to have their volunteer obligation deposit returned.
  • Families can donate up to ONLY five (5) hours of their volunteer time for operating the clock or maintaining the score sheet for their child’s regular season games.  The additional 5 hours must be completed by volunteering at Bruin’s event such as try-outs, dinner dance, Bruins Day, etc.
  • Volunteering for team specific activities, other than the five (5) hours as outlined above, or as Team Manager or a rostered assistant coach, does not go towards a family’s volunteer obligation.  This includes things like running off-ice practice, cleaning your team’s locker room, hosting team parties, providing team specific gifts, assembling team baskets for dinner dance, handling the scoresheets for a game, acting as team manager for a game or team outing, etc.  Volunteer hours can be earned for donating a specific item to the club to be raffled off (like Bears tickets), but not for donating an item for the team basket. All donated items must be pre-approved by the Director of Volunteers and the Chicago Bruins Executive Board.
  • For mite through peewee, a team is allowed to have a designated locker room monitor.  In order to be a locker room monitor, this person must be screened by AHAI.  The payment for the screening should come out of the team’s slush fund (the cost is approximately $57). The head coach MUST approve the use of a locker room monitor and who it will be.  At the end of the season, if the locker room monitor has fulfilled their obligation by attending a majority of the practices and games, they will be refunded their $250 Volunteer Obligation Deposit.
  • You should keep track of how many hours a family volunteers for time keeping and score keeping up to the five (5) hours.  A family can do more than five hours, but will receive credit for ONLY up to five.  The hours outside of time keeping and score keeping should be kept track of by the families.  Once they complete their entire 10 hours, they are to let you know.
  • You should keep a record of the families that have reported to you that they have completed their 10 hours of volunteer time.  Only keep track if they have the 10 hours.  Anything more or less is meaningless to getting their $250 volunteer obligation deposit back.  I have included a Family Volunteer tracking form for you to use.
  • Once a family completes their 10 hours, you will submit a confirmation to Anna Mendola, the Volunteer Coordinator @ volunteer@chicagobruinshockey.com.   Christine will then submit that report to the Bruins’ Treasurer  for reimbursement.  Please note that reimbursement of a family’s volunteer check is done at the end of the season.   Families are not to report their hours directly to the Volunteer Coordinator or the Treasurer.  PLEASE COMMUNICATE THIS POLICY CLEARLY TO YOUR FAMILIES.

If you are not sure whether a person will receive volunteer hours for a particular activity that they would like to do, please contact Anna Mendola BEFORE they complete those activities. Volunteer hours will not be given to any Bruins family member who does not get pre-approval for activities that are not listed above, no exceptions. Anna’s email is volunteer@chicagobruinshockey.com.

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